SEO: Building a Link Network

Hey folks. My name is Charles Lumpkin. Today I want to talk to you about building a network of sites. Now, this is going to be another one of those infuego issues that I’m going to get crushed with email on. That’s cool. I’m just going to put it out there for you and let you make your own decisions.

What this is all about is… Ok, you’ve got one site in an industry. Now, from an SEO perspective it’s called a “Link Network.” You’ll hear a lot of people say that link networks don’t work. They still work, but the tend to work in smaller niches. You’re not going to be at the top of the keyword “tables” by building out solely on a network of sites.

So here’s the thing. You create several sites, and you strategically link those together. Now, Google hates this. Absolutely hates this. Again, if they find you, they’re going to burn you. Now, how do they find you? They’re going to do some link analysis, so don’t go crazy linking every site to every site. That’s one thing, but another thing that you want to avoid is when you register these domains, registering these domains in your name. You have to register them privately. When you first do the hand registration for those domains, you have to register them privately, so when they’re created in the system, from the first time it doesn’t show your name. Why is Google a registrar? It’s not because they’re trying to make money off of domain names and their registrations. It’s because they want the data so they can connect the dots and understand who understands who owns which sites. So take the defense on that side.

Now, again, I’m going to get flamed up for this one, and that’s cool cause I’ll start some controversy and that’s fine. My name is Charles Lumpkin and you can find more of me at Thank you.

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