Using Autoresponders and ESPs to Close Sales Leads

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My name is Charles Lumpkin. Today we are talking about autoresponders. An autoresponder is essentially an email series. Someone will sign up for your email list. Let’s say that is the conversion element on your site. They get signed up into a series where they get 5, 10, 2, or whatever of. It allows you to present different parts of the messaging.

I did this one time in the pregnancy vertical. We had already done a survey and already understood precisely what the problems people had. What the questions were in people’s heads. We understood the psychographics. And so what we did was construct an email series that answered each one of these questions in consecutive order. It’s a really powerful way to help guide people through complex situations or complex sales processes and nuture leads over a period of time.

Now there are a couple of places that you can sign up and send out these email. So I’m going to pimp a local form here called MailChimp. If it’s less than 300 people you can use the product for free. Which is awesome. Clearly the more emails you send, the more you are going to have to pay them. But email is phenomenally ROI efficient channel. I think it is the most efficient Internet marketing channel there is. There are also others. is also a very popular one. If you are getting into larger lists and more enterprise stuff you can hang out with someone like or you can hang out with someone like, who is also a local company. These are all excellent ESPs and they offer different advantages.

So think about doing an autoresponder series to help nuture people from a point of “I’m not sure that I want to purchase.” Through answering their questions. To “I clearly want to purchase.”

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