Using Direct Mail to “Touch” Your Audience

Hey Folks. My name is Charles Lumpkin. Today we are going to talk about Direct Mail. I’m not going to talk about all of the different varieties and things you can do with direct mail. And I’m not talking about mass Direct Mail campaigns. I’m really talking about Lumpy Mail.

I got this tip from Perry Marshall. If you haven’t heard of Perry Marshall – he is phenomenal. That’s where I learned some of the first stuff about pay per click marketing. So kudos to you Perry Marshall. It’s the concept of using a package in the mail to go directly to someone’s heart and really connect with them. We construct campaigns online that are for large audience. What I’m talking about is a very small, very targeted audience. It can be one person or one hundred people. You want to create a package that reaches out and touches someone.

You want it to be something that is just jarring. Something that is completely unexpected from what you’d normally see on a day to day basis and that cuts through the clutter of everyday life. It needs to cut through all the marketing messages that we see everyday. And it says “I made a campaign for YOU, specifically.”

I’ve got another friend here in Atlanta called Matthew Sweezey. And he helped us along with several other people to create a direct mail campaign to send to surrogacy agencies. These packages were a stork box. We had some custom design all four sides of the box as if you were looking at the stork from different angles. Then when you opened the box you see the stork beak comes out and it’s holding a sac that looks like a baby. And it was filled with fortune cookies. Maybe that could have been something better – it was cheap at the time. It was a very pointed and directed campaign. Its not like this is the 150th marketing message you’ve seen today. This is the marketing message that was made for YOU today.

I’ll give you another example. One time we created another package that was sent to the same audience. It was a box and when you opened it there was a balloon inside of it. The balloon would come out of the box and attached to it we had our sales letter there that explained why they needed to be members of a community that we had. In fact, one lady said, “this is the best piece of marketing that I have ever seen.” And that is the reaction that you want. You want to reach out and touch someone. Lumpy mail campaigns are a very powerful way – especially if you are trying to do a sales effort into a small audience.

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  1. deanna November 23, 2009

    Hi charles!! how are you?! randomly ran across your website. it looks great!! I hope that you are doing awesome. I just got back a while ago from traveling in Asia, which was good.

    anyway, love the glamour shot photo of you too 🙂 tell brooke hi!


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