2 Steps to Purchasing and Transferring Web Sites that Won’t Get You Banned

Big GDuncan of Indie Music 2.0 asked this in response to my post and video about valuing web properties:

“Interesting presentation Charles… as more and more people purchase properties as income generators, do you see Google modifying its algorithm to prevent these kinds of sites from showing up in the first 10 listings of a search?”

It’s a good question and I wanted share my response with you.

Good question. When purchasing web properties you need to make sure that you follow a few hard and fast rules to avoid being penalized by the big G and the like.

1. Make sure the domain is transfered anonymously
2. Put the site on a new C-block IP address.

You’ll need to make sure that when the domain is transfered in that you register with privacy protection. For reference, Google is also a domain registrar so they have access to all the domain records. Registering the domain anonymously keeps them from knowing that you are aggregating sites. There is some heated debate about rankings and transferring ownership of a site. Some people have had issues. In my experiences the traffic has stayed consistent.

Put the purchased site on a new c-block level IP address. You want to make sure that you aren’t aggregating too many sites into one IP. If Google sees that these sites are linking to one another and concentrated in the same IP, you risk them pinning all the sites to you. We use SEOHosting to spawn new web hosting accounts onto separate IP blocks. Their setup is great, you are able to spawn new accounts and set them up very quickly using the standard web host manager and cpanel software packages. It’s really a breeze. It works out to about $7/month per account if you buy the 10 site package.

Good question, what questions do you have? Ask a good one and I’ll add your site to the blog roll.

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