Conversion Science: Social Proof and Social Easing

Hey folks. My name is Charles Lumpkin. Today we’re talking about social proof and social easing, but before we get started, there are some plumbers that have been watching the videos. They’ve told me that my “Google Toilet Bowl Plumb” is in fact the “Google Toilet Ball Float.” So to be precise and correct, that’s what it is. I appreciate that, guys.

Now, let’s talk about social proof and social easing. First, “social proof” is one of the most effective things to improve conversion that you can possibly do. Social proof is stuff like testimonials. So it gives… You have great products and services, and you have people who will want to be evangelists for you. They do it sometimes without you knowing, and they’ll be happy to give you testimonials. These kinds of testimonials give people an anchor point through which they can relate to your products and services. “Hey, this guy is just like me. Has the same problems, and hopefully this is the right solution for me. He says so, and I believe him.” So it’s not just coming from you, but it’s coming from a third party who likes your products and services, rightfully so.

Now, social easing is taking social proof and massaging it in a different way. Social easing has to do with taking people from social networks and getting them into a conversion mindset. So, if you’ve got someone who is on a social network—We’ll talk in later videos about using Facebook PPC and other media platforms. If you take someone form a social network then they’re in a social mindset. Someone on a search engine is not always, but they’re definitely more inclined to be in a commercial mindset, ready to buy something.

If you’re going to take someone from a social network, you’ve got to take them and convert them from a social mindset into a commercial mindset, and you do that through a process I call “social easing.”

You see this done a lot in the affiliate world. It’s taking someone and putting them on a page that is laden with social proof about your particular product. You want this to be valid stuff from your valid customers. You take it and you show them “Hey, it’s not me saying it. It’s my customers.” When you present that in that type of mind frame, it’s that process of easing someone from a social-mindset into a commercial-mindset. It can be a powerful aid to conversion.

So again, my name is Charles Lumpkin. You can find more of me at Thanks for your time.