Paid Search: Microsoft Bing PPC

Hey folks. My name is Charles Lumpkin. Today we’re going to talk about Microsoft Bing. I LOVE ME SOME BING.

Bing is one of the most efficient platforms out there right now. It’s so much cheaper than Google. In fact, I want to go so far as to say that, yes, you should start your search marketing efforts with paid search, but you should start your search marketing efforts with Microsoft Bing instead of Google.

Here’s why. Google is crazy expensive these days. I can hardly find a $0.25 click on the whole of Google. You can on Bing, and you can find them in mass in the right campaigns.

So, start your search marketing efforts with Bing. It can be an order of magnitude cheaper. 10x cheaper or 20x cheaper, and a lot of the regulations aren’t so locked down against the advertiser. It’s a great platform to start your efforts with, and I highly recommend Microsoft Bing. If you haven’t opened an account, go there right now and start your search marketing efforts.

Again, I’m Charles Lumpkin, and you can find more of me at Thanks for your time.

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  1. LA Says:

    What a stud! And he's smart, too. Yes, my clients are on Bing.

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