Paid Search: The Relevancy Spectrum

Hey folks. My name is Charles Lumpkin. Today we’re going to talk about the Relevancy Spectrum.

The example that I use is with paintings. First, a lot of people just put a bunch of keywords that they think are related into an ad group. Then they’re disappointed with the performance. This is why you should be concerned with the relevancy spectrum.

The example I use all the time is this. You’re trying to sell a painting by Monet. So you may have this specific painting’s name. Then you may have “Paintings by Monet” or “Monet Paintings.” Then you have a little further out, you have “painter” maybe it’s “Monet.” A little further out you have “paint.” Ok, so it’s “paint,” “painter,” “painting,” “Monet painting,” and the specific painting name.

Now the question is, how relevant are each of these things to you. The further out that you get, the less and less relevant it gets. Then, a lot of times you see stuff that’s completely irrelevant out there. It just completely erodes the results of your particular campaign.

When you’re constructing your campaign, if you’re just starting out, you probably want to stay pretty tight around the relevancy spectrum. Just around the product or services that you’re looking for. Then you can start to go a little further out and a little further out testing into them. In fact, the better your conversion gets, the more you can come out in the relevancy spectrum. The more you can eat your competitors’ lunch. Think about the relevancy spectrum and how it applies to you.

My name is Charles Lumpkin. You can find more of me at Thank you.

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