STOP: As of Today Search Marketing Is Different

I can’t believe it.

This will change your campaigns and forecasts, and market research efforts today.

Google is now giving out search volume data on keywords in their suggestion tool. They have been giving out similar information for a while now, but now this data is actually accurate.

You no longer need to extrapolate or guess at traffic numbers. You now KNOW traffic numbers.

Head on over to the Google Tool and see for yourself:

This is great news for you.

Now…. Where is the cancel button on that keyword tool? Hmmm…..


  1. CheyenneJack Says:

    Wow. This does change a whole lot. I had stopped really using this Google tool much in favor of some of Dogpiles tools. This was only because they offered real numbers vs Google’s relative numbers, even if it was on less than 3% of search traffic.

    Now… wow.. just sad it took me this long to realize they made this change. Thanks for pointing this out.

  2. Black Hat Sicilian Says:

    amazing info…u r brilliant

    thank you so much

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